Eye Spy Owen


I love custom designs!  I hunt for patterns to create and I never seem to find exactly the right one until I create it myself.  That’s what happened with Eye Spy Owen.  This one is an extra special Baby Pack* for me.  Yep-you guessed it!  What better name for this special custom creation!   It has been delivered to my cousin who will soon get to wrap sweet baby Owen in it!  (I can’t wait to hear he has arrived safe and happy!)  What a blessing to think of them and pray for them so often during the creation of this package.

In the planning stages of a quilt I always like to interview the owner of the product.  My key words out of that conversation were; puzzle pieces, animals, blue and green. She explained to me that she wanted her toddler to be able to be interactive with this sweet blanket!  She wanted to call animals to him and dreaming about his responses to her I could hear it in my head,  “Where’s the duck?  Where is a frog?  Can you finIMG_8536d the zebra?”

She found a picture of a pattern that she liked on pinterest (an obvious source to spur great ideas) which gave me a visual of what she was thinking (of course-I can’t do anything like
the picture).  From there she allowed my creativity to go!  SO FUN!

So, I drew it up, colored it in and sent it to her-just to see what her response would.  After that it was a blur!   I started buying fabric.  Since my options were limitless, I admit I went a little crazy.  I think I used all but two of what I bought so at least I didn’t have a ton unused!  Most of what I found are Michael Miller’s Line, Zoologie, Zoologie Mini, and Oragami.  A few other and we were ready to take off!  So…

Off we go!  It came together really quickly!  I love working with 2 1/2″ squares and strips so this was right up my ally!  I was having a blast!  Before we knew it the pieces were all coming together.

This may possibly be the most time consuming baby quilt I’ve ever done!  You are about to look at a total of 45 1/2 hours of love all wrapped up for sweet baby Owen to enjoy!

Most of the time is in the quilting, I will admit.  I have just gotten a new machine with an 11 1/2 inch throat space and I feel invincible in the world of quilting.  I used the dual feed and turned that baby quilt approximately every 2″.  Yep…you read that right!  24 hours of solid quilting went into this quilt.

I absolutely LOVE how it turned out and I would never ask for a different result!   I could NOT be happier!

Along with the quilt, I sent 2 small blankets -I like to call them Woobies.  Makes sense right?  Most babies attach to that certain favorite blanket-this one is perfect for that!  Soft on the back, as I always use minky and they are coordinating to the quilt on the front.  There is no batting, so they are not near as heavy as a quilt. This makes them easy to launder and easy to carry everywhere!  It covers a car seat for cold weather and is not too warm in the blazing sun.  It is perfect for all occasions.  And Bonus!  You get two…so when one is in the laundry…you have a BACKUP!

The really exciting thing about these is that you can never be sure exactly what those Woobies will look like.  Why?  Because I use the “leftovers” of the fabrics from the quilt.   I’m never sure what they will look like until I’ve finished the quilt. It all depends on how much fabric I started with, how much I used, how I cut it, and what is left.   These blankets end up to be right around a yard in size.  (Approx. 36″x 36″ – 34″x 42″ ish).  I will often back them with whatever minky I have around so long as it fits in with what you’ve got going on.  (Unless you special order extra minky-in which case, I’d order appropriately).  The Bonus is mine this time:  I don’t end up with near as much left over scraps of fabrics-which makes my husband very happy!  HaHa!

Here is the pillow for this Baby Pack that fits right in.  It’s perfect for a rocking chair, resting in the crib, or even a toddler bed for later.  So much fun!!!

*A Baby Pack includes:  A Quilt, 2 Woobies,  and a Pillow (sizes optional, or a pillow case for older use).


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