How To Order A Quilt

My favorite thing about the quilts I create is working with the owner through the whole process.  From choosing the colors to helping them select the pattern.

Some people know EXACTLY what they want in a quilt.  They send their fabric and pattern and I simply put it together.

Some people enjoy having a big part to play in the making of their quilts but want to have help along the way.  I have taken clients shopping for fabric.  Letting them pick exactly what they want and helping them tie fabrics together to make a gorgeous finished project.  Some people enjoy being able to select a pattern on their own.  This allows me to assist you in creating what you see, custom for you.

Mason II Quilt, 9 Patch with Cornerstones. Custom: embroidered baby’s name around the border (additional charge) $300

I had a great time taking this mom shopping for fabrics to coordinate with her older son’s baby quilt.  We were able to add in some additional pieces to give it a different look while still coordinating next to the original.

Some people just want to see a quilt appear.  For those who don’t care to be as hands on, I’ll ask a few simple questions (color, fabric texture, etc.) in order to understand their likes and more importantly, their dislikes.  Once I have that knowledge, I’m able to create something that can be loved for a long time to come.

T-shirt Quilt:  appx 24 T-shirts from owner.  $350

This t-shirt quilt was ordered as a Christmas gift for her husband using his college and other shirts that are significant to him.

Baby Swanson Theme: Trees and Animals $250

Are you somewhere in-between?  That is ok, too!  This quilt, just off the long arm frame was a blast to make!  The mom to be, knew she was decorating with trees and animals.  She knew she liked softer, muted colors.  I presented her with a few options, she told me what she liked and voila! Here you have it!

Keeping you up-to-date on the progress.  Throughout the process of making these quilts, I enjoy posting the progress and sharing it with you as I go.  Building excitement and anticipation toward your special quilt is a special treat.

How much does it cost to have a quilt made?  This is a tough question to answer.  There are several specific variables when determining the cost.  Is there embroidery involved?  How involved is the pattern?  Do we need stabilizer (t-shirt quilts)?  How much piecing?  What size are you looking for?  Time to cut, assemble, sandwich, quilt and bind are all necessary to consider the cost as well.  Each quilt price is determined individually due to the custom nature of this “craft”.  I’d love to talk about your dreams and quote each project individually.

If you are interested in having a quilt made for you, simply contact me by email  at .  I’d love to answer any questions you might have.  


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